Are you confident in your social media skills?
Do you want to use those skills to help other businesses?
How do freedom and flexibility sound to you?
Have you thought about starting your own social media business?

The Social Media Startup is for those who are wanting to create their own social media business to have a life of freedom and flexibility. They are already very familiar with social media and want to help other businesses with their social media presence.

The Social Media Startup is not for those who are not serious, who are just “half in” and just looking for an inexpensive program. It’s not for you if you aren’t willing to work hard, be coachable and give it your all! No complainers, or procrastinators….I need women who are ready to start a profitable social media business!

Whether you want to pursue Social Media as a part-time job or a full-blown business, we will make it happen! As long as you are open to possibilities, coachable, and eager to work, I’m excited to help you start a business that you can be proud of!

Ok, so how does it work?

I’ve assembled a team of business experts who, with myself, will dedicate their time to helping you create, design, and start up a Social Media Business! Below is a simple outline of each week although we will be going over much more!


Week 1: The fundamentals! We will go over your current situation, your vision for your business, your goals, and help with organizing and managing your time. We will also be talking about mindset and educating yourself.

● This week will include the Clarity Finder Worksheet from Kristy Jayne Coaching.
● Goals worksheet

Week 2: All about your Biz! You’ll choose a name for your business, the business plan, and more!

● This week includes a 1 hour Business Finance setup session with Bess Terril of Bee Well Bookkeeping.
● Payment processing services
● Email setup

Week 3: Branding week! We’ll create a logo, go over stock image services, and find a voice for your business!
● This week, you can work with your choice of graphic designer for a custom logo. (Rebellion Creative Studio or Karen Ayers Design.)

Week 4: Social Media Week! We’ll set up your social media sites on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and discuss website options. We’ll also set up your own Social Media dashboard and show you how to use it for business.

Week 5: Your Ideal Client! Who is your target market? We’ll identify their pain and their needs, and help you develop your beginner package.
● Ideal client activity

Week 6: Marketing week! We’ll help you market online using different platforms, discovery calls, surveys, and lead generation strategies.
● Discovery call outline

Week 7: Website week! Your website is the focus of this week. You will have chosen which platform to get started with and you’ll work on getting it up and running!

Week 8: Tieing-it-all-together week! We’ll go over how to utilize different websites and systems to run your business efficiently from then on out!

To put it in simple terms, this program will include all of this:

● 8 weeks of one on one coaching calls - One 45 minute call each week and a laser 15 minute session every other week. We will do the meetings via Zoom so I can share my screen and we can talk face to face.
● Email support throughout the entire 8 weeks
● The one hour Business Finance Session with Bee Well Bookkeeping
● The Clarity Finder worksheet from Kristy Jayne Coaching
● Logo creation from professional graphic designer

LET’S GET ROLLING - I’m here for you!

If you’re up for the challenge of starting up a social media business, and could use help making it less challenging, and more successful, I’d love to help you create the powerful business and flexible lifestyle that you want!

Why ME and why Strawberry Social? Well, I am going to tell you about why I’m the person to help you with this step by step!

My college degree is in Criminal Justice (not what you were thinking right?) and I spent 6 years working as a Probation Officer (YES A PO).
So what does this have to do with social media? Nothing at all but this is what I learned.
First, I want to see people succeed. It’s a passion of mine to see others create a successful life! Secondly, it taught me leadership. Although I was supervising people on probation I had to be a leader, someone that would help them through the system and help them complete their probation successfully. Although this did not always happen it was always my goal with each person and I did as much as I could. Thirdly, it taught me how to hold people accountable! I had to hold each person accountable to their classes, goal, court dates etc. So as you can see, I use this experience in my business and it will definitely come in handy when we work together.

Other experience I have is being a recruiter for a Fortune 100 company. This taught be to be able to identify a specific type of person and taught me how to become extremely savvy on Linkedin.

I also spent over a year working for a startup marketing company where I worked as the Executive Assistant to the Owner. I learned the in’s and out’s of a startup company, how to adjust on a daily basis, how to analyse what was and was not working and much more!

I’ve hired my own coaches, I’ve done several different social media training courses. I’ve got over 25 hours of training in coaching from Results in Coaching International. I’ve worked with clients all over the world and over 75 business owners in 8 months!

I’ve made mistakes, I am not saying I am perfect but I now know what I should and should not have done and I want to help others create a thriving social media business without making the same costly mistakes.

One of the best decisions I ever made for my business was to hire a coach. Although it was a great experience and definitely helped me I wish I had someone in the social media space that could have mentored me and shown me what to do.

SOOOOOO….that is EXACTLY why I created The Social Media Startup Training Program! I am going to be your Mindset, Business, Social Media and Accountability coach and mentor!

The value of this program is $3500 but since I know that starting a business can be emotionally and financially hard at times I want to make this as affordable as possible!

Remember...I’ll be there to keep you motivated, on track, in the right frame of mind…..and I’ll be sharing ALL my secrets with you!

Start your social media business for the small investment of
● $1,497 one payment
● Or 2 payments of $765
● Or 3 payments of $525

I’m so excited to see what we’ll do together!