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Subcategories from this category: Social Media tips



My favorite platform is Facebook and the reason behind this is that Facebook is like it's own entire planet! 

One of the most important pieces of advice is to get your Facebook Business page set up and completed as soon as you start your business!


Here are my 3 best tips to get you started!!!


1. IMAGES- I can't stress this enough! Make sure you have an eye-catching cover photo that tells or shows what you do. You can add text to these and even use them as a call to action. For your profile photo you can either use your logo or a great headshot of your smiling face! Make sure it's a crisp clear picture.


2. ABOUT SECTION- Make sure you have all of your information filled out and tell the visitors about you and your business. Add your website and links to your other social media platforms.


3. WELCOME VIDEO- Do a 30 second to 1-minute welcome video where you introduce yourself, talk about your business and what you can do to solve your ideal clients problems. Make sure you "feature" this video so it stays at the top of your page!



These are the top 3 tips I would suggest you implement right away! I have a much larger checklist or if you would like a 2nd look I offer $25.00 Facebook Business Page Audits where I give you a report on your page, steps to take to improve it, and a simple growth strategy!


To get your audit just pay the $25.00 through 

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By now you have probably heard of Periscope! It’s live streaming where anyone from around the world can tune in! This is great if you have a global product or service! You can share your story, what you are passionate about, tips on a subject, stream an event and much, much more!!

To start, you will go to to sign up. If you have a Twitter account you can create your Periscope with your Twitter (Twitter owns Periscope). This way all your broadcasts will notify your Twitter following. This can be turned off however. If you don’t want them linked or you don’t have Twitter you can use your mobile number to sign up.

Make sure to learn what about the functions of Periscope before starting as well. You can have public or private scopes so make sure to learn the functions.

I could go on and on about everything I know but I want to give you my BEST TIPS on “SCOPING”!!!


Make sure your profile tells about you and or your business. You can use hashtags and emojis as well. Also have your URL with the http:// so people can go to your  website from Periscope.



  1. Start out by searching for your favorite people and following them. See what they do and soak in all the free info. You can also follow new people from around the world who intrigue you. Spend some time learning about Periscope and see what others do before you begin broadcasting.


  1. When you feel you are ready to start broadcasting make sure you have your topic or story picked. Since you won't see anyone it’s good to have an idea of what you want to talk to viewers about.


  1. Title your broadcast something related to what you will be scoping about. Use relevant hashtags and emojis too!  Emojis can make your broadcast stand out!


  1. Periscope captures a thumbnail image when you first begin your scope so make sure you focus your camera on something eye catching and not your feet or floor!! Also, make sure you have good lighting and are in a quiet atmosphere (unless filming and event or something where there is just going to be noise).

  1. Take about 30 seconds to a minute to welcome people, ask for them to share where they are from and interact with them a bit. You can also welcome the “replay viewers” since some will be seeing the replay.


  1. Keep your broadcasts on the shorter side to hold attention. I think between 10 and 15 minutes is great. If you are holding the attention of viewers then use your best judgment.


  1. You may have seen hearts flying around and this means people like what you are saying or are supporting you. When someone double taps the screen they are giving you hearts. You may want to say something during the broadcast such as “If you love this info I am sharing feel free to give me hearts or double tap the screen”. The more hearts you have the better you are ranked but go for authentic hearts and don’t worry too much about this.


  1. Ask your followers to share with their viewers. This is a great way to get more people tuning in! Ask them to swipe right for iOs and swipe up on Android.


  1. If you are using your broadcasts for business feel free to promote yourself but do it in a less salesy way. Share a lot of valuable content and then let viewers know where they can find you. Share your website or FB business page with them. You should have your URL linked to your profile so people can easily find your site.


  1. If you are using Periscope for your business and really focusing on growing your following then be consistent just like you would any other platform! Decide when you can commit to Scoping and stick to it. You can always increase your scoping but stick to a plan. You may decide to scope every M,W,F at 3:00pm. When you have a plan you can also tell your viewers this is when they can expect you!




So those are my top 10 tips for a solid Periscope foundation. There is a ton of information out there so educate yourself and relax and have fun! Remember, it can sometimes start slow so don’t get discouraged!


Make sure to create a account so you will be able to save your broadcast (only last 24 hours on Periscope) and be able to share them on your other social media platforms.

If you have any questions feel free to submit your questions on my contact form on my website:

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Nowadays social media is a part of our daily life, from work to entertainment to keeping up with old friends or checking out a business we do it all via social media. The problem is, it's too easy to forget our manners, hop online and start venting to our friends, contacts or people we don't know. There are a lot of bad habits people have picked up and I am here to tell you that even though  it's social media there is still etiquette and proper behavior. During the month of December 2016, I posted one tip a day to my Strawberry Social business page. If you didn't catch them there, here they are again!

1. Be authentic online and off. Be yourself, show your personality. 

2. Don't over post the same post. You can post in several different places but not all at the same time. 

3. Don't send mass group messages. Unless, it's for a Mastermind or something to where everyone is ok with it. 

4. Don't be overly negative on social media. 

5. Do share uplifting, valuable, engaging and relevant content. 

6. Don't ever say anything online that you will later regret. 

7. Ignore negative posts and don't get sucked in. 

8. Respond politely to all negative feedback and reviews you get. It's all in how you handle it. 

9. Don't post anything distasteful that will reflect poorly on your business. 

10. Don't vent your personal issues on social media. 

11. Be consistent in your voice throughout all social media. 

12. Don't tag unflattering pictures of others. It is best to ask them if you can post or cut them out. 

13. Don't overshare posts from others onto your page. It's great to share just don't share too many in a row. 

14. Don't automatically add people to your group after becoming a friend or connection. Ask if they would like to be added. 

15. Always think before you hit send!

16. Don't join every group, join only those you find value in. 

17. Don't do too many status updates. 3-4 per day is good. 

18. Don't post anything negative about an employer. 

19. Don't act desperate on social media, this is a huge turn off to most people. 

20. Don't post about other people's personal lives or struggles. 

21. Always proof read and spell check posts!

22. Don't use too many hashtags. This can appear spammy. 3-4 at most. 

23. Don't be vague on social media. If you don't want to share something don't share it but leaving people to guess and then not sharing is very annoying. 

24. Don't react too quickly to anything. Think before you react. 

25. Respect group rules on all social media platforms. 

26. Don't post too many times back to back. 

27. Respect people's time when  IM or DM. Don't expect an immediate response. 

28. Don't be pushy with sales online. 

29. Never be a bully, troll or harass anyone online.

30. Don't post too much info (TMI). No one wants to know you have toenail fungus! 


So there you have it! My 30 social media etiquette tips. If you have any more that I didn't include then I would be happy to hear them!


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I want to share a little about my “DAY OFF OF SOCIAL MEDIA”. I decided to take Sunday off completely from ALL social media! No Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or anything else. I did this because I was feeling like my life was intertwined with social media. Being that I work in the social media sphere you can imagine how often I am on it! I wanted to gain back control of my life and not feel like I needed to check my phone every 3 minutes (literally).


I’ve got to tell you, I had an AMAZING day! I got up and made homemade oatmeal and scrambled eggs, visited with my aunt who came over for tea, went to the gym and then came home and did a little cleaning and then took a nice long shower. After I got ready for the day my mom picked me up and we went shopping for a new couch. I never felt that impulse of having to check my notifications and didn't hear the little DING all day long. Then in the evening I went out for a nice dinner with my husband’s side of the family!


The entire day I felt FREE, I was not tied down to feeling like I had to answer IM’s immediately, respond to any comments or scroll through and see what everyone else was up to.  It was such a great day! I did this partially for my own SANITY but also to see what it would feel like to have this time where I didn’t worry about my social media. Part of my marketing (which is true), I say I will give you back 5-10 hours of free time each week.


For me personally, I would love to help others feel what I felt today. By having help with your social media, you can relax and take the time to do whatever you may need to do and not feel the pressure of always having to check your social media. Even if you don’t end up hiring me or someone else to help you I strongly recommend disconnecting from social media and other forms of communication for at least one day a week!! Do it for yourself and see what I mean :)




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It's been said that 97% of mom's on Facebook post pictures of their kids. It is something that is so easy nowadays to just snap a photo with our smart phone and as a proud mom we instantly upload it to Facebook to show our "friends". But the scary thing these days with the internet is that once it's on there you have little control. I have a very protective husband and he has never allowed pictures of my daughter online for various reasons. I used to throw an "adult tantrum" about this because I so badly wanted to share pictures of my precious baby. I now understand his philosophy much more. He tells me "you can't covet what you haven't seen". The purpose of this blog isn't to make all those mom's who have posted pics of their kids feel guilty but to educate them on the risks of sharing pictures one. Did you know that even if your page is private, when one of your friends "likes" a photo it can be found as something they "liked"? Or if you tag others who are also in the picture it will show on their timeline. You probably have no idea who are all friends of friends. School recently started and I saw so many pictures of adorable kids holding signs that said what grade, school and teacher they have this year. Think about all that info that is given out! Even if you think you know all the people on your friends list chances are you don't. Another tip you should know is that if you have your location turned on for photos people can see where it was taken. This is also very dangerous. Make sure if you want your location hidden to turn this off. When posting pictures, make sure there is no personal info in them such as your address if in front of the house, your license plate etc. Next time, before instantly posting a photo think about these few questions:

Is this something that my child would be ok with when he/she is an adult?

What information is it giving out?

Do I want everyone on my friends list to see this?

Do I want this photo available for anyone to save? 

Chances are, after thinking this through you may decide to send the picture to certain friends/family rather than posting it. 

Think about all the horror stories we hear these days about stalking or kidnapping, it's alarming. With the internet and social media it is so much easier for these predators to find victims. I encourage all moms to "Think before you post" and check your privacy settings. Your child is your first priority! 






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