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Productivity is often seen in our fast-paced culture as keeping ourselves busy all the time. In the social media world, when we have a “productive day,” it might have been spent responding to emails, writing blog posts, creating new content for our networks, finding new leads, and a dozen other things that each take-up time.


It’s certainly not wrong to call those days “productive,” because getting things done isn’t a bad thing. But sometimes “busy” doesn’t also mean “productive and using time my wisely.”


I’m not one to buy into the idea of there being “one tip that will make you more productive in less time,” but… if anything fits that description, it’s repurposing content.


Repurposing content allows you to put an initial single burst of productivity to work for you again and again. (Instead of just once, and going back to the drawing board.)


Let’s say that in a given week, your social media strategy entails a new YouTube video, a blog post to your website, and one post per day to Facebook and Twitter, plus a Facebook live stream. You’ve got your hands full! That’s a lot of content you have to come up with. That’s finding and writing 10-14 individual posts to Twitter and Facebook that your audience will find valuable. That’s at least an afternoon of writing, filming, and editing a YouTube video, and a full morning writing and editing a blog post. And, assuming you prepare for your Facebook live stream, that time adds up!


Repurposing content lets you sit down Monday morning, write the equivalent of a blog post, and be able to have everything else done by that afternoon. How?


Let’s take the blog post you’ll write this week. Make that an awesome post. Spend twice as much time and effort on it as you usually do! You’ll make the time up, later, I promise.


Now that your blog post is written, let’s “repurpose” it to do the rest of your work for you!


Pick 3 main points from that post, and pick out your favorite pieces of supporting information for each of those 3 points. Maybe come up with an example or story. Just like that, you’ve got an outline to go off of for an informative Facebook Livestream!


Okay, so what about a YouTube video? You can decide whether you want more information or less in your weekly video. You could have your video include everything from your blog post, or just share a quick tip and redirect viewers to your website for the full post.


Well, now all that’s left are those pesky Twitter and Facebook posts. The “repurposing” strategy should start sounding familiar, now! What are the key takeaways from your post/live stream/youtube video this week? Share snippets of highlights with a link to the full post/video.


As you adopt this strategy and use it week-to-week, you can refer back to old posts and reshare highlights from them. Five posts in a row about different reasons “why backyard gardens are great” will work, but if you sprinkle in posts about past blogs and videos, your newest post remains fresh, and new members of your audience will continue to find older information you’ve posted valuable.


There are endless ways you can repurpose your own content! If you use photos in your blog post, they can be uploaded to Instagram with a caption from your blog. You can use the videos you upload in their entirety as social media posts, and you can embed them in your blog posts, too!


While presenting your audience the same content across multiple platforms may sound “lazy” or annoying to your followers, if done correctly it’s anything but! A rule of thumb in advertising is the idea that a potential customer needs to see an ad (or post) seven times before they do anything about it. ( While seven may or may not be the lucky number, the idea that repetition can develop an interest in your full blog post, (and ergo your business!) should make sense!


As your social media strategy adopts the concept of “repurposing content,” you will see many improvements, including:


More time to dedicate to other aspects of your business

Consistency in your social media posts (stronger branding)

Increased traffic to your website

More consistent interactions from your audience

Your audience will recognize you as an expert in your field


If you decide to give repurposing your content a try, I’d love to hear from you as you begin to recognize these improvements occurring! Best of luck!


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Can I tell you something personal? I had a rough 2015. My husband was laid off after working at his job for 12 years in January and then after falling ill, my grandfather passed away in May. And if that wasn’t bad enough, I got laid off the week after my grandfather died. Even though I was still grieving, both of us were now unemployed and I needed to act fast, for the sake of my family. 


I changed my Linkedin title to “seeking new opportunity” and as desperate as it sounds, I did have several companies contact me with job opportunities. There was one in particular that caught my eye; a social media startup company out of Washington. It was a virtual job where I thought I could work from home and get paid a decent salary. Unfortunately, I spent the next five weeks working extremely hard, just to find out the owner of the business was a scam artist. He hired me with no intention of paying me, and so, this time, I was back to square one...and I never did get paid for my work. 


The next week I spent moping around the house in my PJs and spending all day in front of the TV - anything was better than my reality. I had no idea where I was going to go from here, or what we were going to do. And then my husband helped me realized something that snapped me out of my funk:


I had worked for five weeks for a company and I knew all the ins and outs of social media! I could start my own social media business and help other small businesses be successful! And of course, reminded me that I also wasn’t a scam artist and that I could use this opportunity in disguise to help motivate me to NEVER let someone else control my life, my job, or tell me ever again what I am worth! He was right - this was my chance to dream big and build something better than I could ever have imagined. 


I decided to name my business after my daughter, who is a self-proclaimed strawberry lover - she goes crazy for them! I have been in business now for about a year and I have accomplished things that never thought I could do when I first started. My slogan here at Strawberry Social is Handpicked Social Media, but as a woman business owner, I also feel that it is a part of my calling to empower other women to follow their own dreams and build their own amazing businesses, and I love that with Strawberry Social that I can be an integral part of that journey for small businesses everywhere. The coolest thing is that we literally have clients from all over the world! 


So when a high-performance coach contacted me recently to do an interview for a series that helps other women grow their businesses, I was highly interested. 


In the past, I’ve done other interviews for podcasts, video series, and even the local radio show, so thankfully I wasn’t very nervous about the process this time around after she approached me. We scheduled a call and she asked me a few questions about myself and my business, and we ran through how the call would go once we were “rolling.” Luckily, for this interview, I would get the questions in advance so I could be prepared. This is helpful in making sure the call is a more relaxed and natural conversation rather than uptight and scripted.


She then went on to explain that each guest would do social media posts and email their list several times. She went on to say that for the show records they would need to know how big our email list is, and then she dropped the bomb…


She said our email list needed to have 5,000 subscribers to even get on the interview series.


When I replied that we had just started our list not even four months ago and that our numbers were nowhere near that high, she said, “I’m so sorry but it’s a requirement to have at least 5,000 subscribers on your list to participate.”


She ended the call by telling me to contact her once my list was at 5,000 or more and then I could be featured. I hung up the phone and just sat there for a minute thinking “did this really just happen? I was turned down due to my list size?” I felt like I just wasted a huge portion of my time, and that she should have told me this up front.


Of course, I turned to social media on my personal Facebook page to express my thoughts about how silly this was. I was blown away from the support of so many women who had similar experiences. 


I wrote this blog to get the point across that it is not always about the number of subscribers but about the engagement of the followers, the quality of the group and the reputation of the business. We had that lady fooled - she saw our awesome branding and our consistency on social media and she thought we had a banging list because of it! 


In conclusion, while it is important to be building a list as a business owner, remember to stay true to yourself and don’t get sucked into the idea of growing a huge list overnight. Grow your following organically with people who want to be there and who love what you - you won’t regret it!


Erin Thompson, Founder and Creator of Strawberry Social 


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Turn the clock back to 2012…


At the time, I’d just been laid off after being a Probation Officer for 6 years. My daughter was 17 months old and I had no idea what I was going to do next, or even which direction I was going to take my life.


Since I didn’t know what to do yet, I decided to start by purging the things I didn’t need so I could sell them for the cash that I needed to stay afloat. I decided to start a Facebook Group called Treasure Valley Women’s Fashion and Accessories where local ladies could sell nice clothing, jewelry, and accessories to make some cash and get rid of things they no longer wanted. 


The group grew quickly and it was great because I was selling things, and even making a little money. It wasn’t long before I started allowing certain representatives to be “approved” to post about their network marketing businesses 1x per week. The process wasn’t terribly long or hard, but it helped ensure my group wasn’t taken over by salespeople looking to make a quick buck, and also help make sure that no one was selling anything that was harmful or trying to scam people.


It was here that I met someone that would introduce me to Younique makeup, which is safer than the typical makeup that you can buy at a drug store. It is also set up as a network marketing opportunity so that anyone could buy-in and start their own business as well. 


At first, I was hesitant because I’d always been warned about Pyramid Schemes, but after talking to the gal who sold it, I decided to go for it. It was only $99 to start and I figured I could at least use the makeup in the kit if anything. 


I spent a year as a Younique presenter and learned a lot about marketing, relationships online, and branding myself. I was known as the go-to lady for Younique within my FB group. Although I did end up stopping the business, it gave me my first little taste of being an “entrepreneur.”


I then spent about a year and a half working for a local startup company as the Executive Assistant. I learned a lot about creating company culture, social media, marketing, and the in’s and out’s of running a company. It was exciting to be a part of something new and to work with and help other businesses. 


During this time I discovered audiobooks and began listening to books like The Entrepreneur Mind and others out there focused on business and entrepreneurship. 


I have to tell you, I caught the entrepreneurial bug. But because I had a good, steady job, and didn’t know what I’d do if I started a business, I just continued working and learning as much as possible. 


Then, to my surprise, I was laid off again in June of 2015. I soon found another job working for a social media startup remotely. Again, I was laid off and then never paid for the 5 weeks of work I put in.


This to me was the last straw. I was sick of being laid off and undervalued. Although it was a hard time in my life, it gave me the push I needed to start my own business. Because of everything I’d learned over the last few years in regards to business and social media, I decided to start my own social media business to help other small businesses and entrepreneurs with their social media presence. 

My business name Strawberry Social comes from my 5-year-old daughter who LOVES strawberries! 


So there ya have it, your past can definitely help you in your future endeavors. Just because one door closes doesn't mean another won't soon open! 


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I have a confession to make that's pretty embarrassing. Before I hired my Online Business Manager, (also known as an OBM, and is similar to a Virtual Assistant), things were a hot mess around my office – there were deadlines, paperwork was everywhere, and all of my responsibilities, both online and off, were piling up. I needed help! I know my job seems super fun because I get paid to be on social media, and read about the newest networks and latest changes all the time, but it can also be very overwhelming when commitments add up, just like with any other small business.


But I have a secret weapon that helps me combat inefficiency so that I can meet my deadlines, become more organized, and I even spend more time with my family. Sounds like a dream, right?


All I did was hire an Online Business Manager! Hiring someone new, especially if this is your first ever hire in your business, can be really scary. Everyone is afraid to get a dud, and even just going through the resumes looking for someone new can be overwhelming. But, when you find the right person to take a chance on, it is worth it!


What your business can gain from a new hire:


The opportunity to teach a new hire how to be success and mentor them.


A fresh set of eyes may help you see your business in a new light.


Adding a seat at the table for your new hire will help bring your business to a new audience.


You can give your new hire all the small tasks that take a million hours away from the really important aspects of your business and get back to doing what you do best...being a boss.


You can learn how to let go, and over time, you may be able to let go some of the larger tasks too.


You will have more free time with your family, and heck, maybe you'll even be able to go on vacation soon too.




What a new hire can gain from employment:


Money. Money is a great motivating factor for almost anyone.


An opportunity to learn and develop new skills and be mentored by someone that is already successful in their career field.


Experience in their career field, which looks great on the resume.


The ability to network with new people in their career field.


Where to find an Online Business Manager or Virtual Assistant:


A great place to start looking for an Online Business Manager or Virtual Assistant is through your own network. If you know anyone that employs one, reach out to them and ask them for a referral, or even what to look for when you go to hire your own. Online networking groups that are geared towards your chosen field can also be a great place to get a referral for someone to help you. You may also have luck on LinkedIn, which would allow you to see potential hire's resumes and qualifications before you meet them or request their resume.


What to expect with your new Online Business Manager or Virtual Assistant:


Of course, you don't just hire someone and expect for everything to run smoothly right off the bat. Your OBM or VA is human, and it will take time for them to learn the way you do things. If they run their own VA or OBM business, they may also have other clients as well, so in addition to learning your way of doing things, they also may have to remember other people's way of doing things as well. Patience is key with your new hire. But, with a seat at your table, they'll be able to pitch new ideas which may help take your business to the next level.


Meet Strawberry Social's Online Business Manager: Tara Glenn


What did you do before you were hired here at Strawberry Social?


Before Strawberry Social, I was (and still am) a freelance writer and network marketer, and before I started doing that, I served in the United States Navy for five years as an Aviation Ordnanceman, which is a fancy way of saying I was a modern-day “Bomb Girl.” In the Navy I also learned photography, which I carried as a collateral duty at my commands. I also have a degree in Legal Office Administration from Cambria-Rowe Business College in Johnstown, PA.


Describe your dream job.


I would have to say that writing full-time would be living the dream, and in a way, I get to do that here at Strawberry Social. I get to be the voice for many different people and businesses, and to see it all come together and work is just so inspiring.


Why do you love working at Strawberry Social?


I love that my ideas and skills are respected, and that my time as a person is also respected. Erin, the owner of Strawberry Social, doesn't just see me as her Online Business Manager, but also as an equal. I can also do my job from anywhere in the world and since my husband is also in the Navy, I don't have to worry about looking for a new job at every duty station ever again.


Who is your favorite blogger?


I would have to say that Megan McLemore from is my favorite blogger right now. She writes about the trials and tribulations her family has faced and about the things her family has gone through with their sons' Autism diagnoses. I am inspired by the way that she lives her life and shares so much of herself and her heart with others.


What do you do in your free time?


In my free time, I'm spending it with my family, running a hot bath, or working out. I'm also a big fan of frozen mochas in the summertime, as well as reading self-help books.


What does your closet look like?


Ha, my closet! Well, it's full of leggings, yoga pants, and funny tee shirts for when I work out. I also love sundresses because I hate wearing real pants, and they make you look classy in a pinch. If I have to wear jeans, I try to find broken in ones at the thrift store and I like to pair them with dressy tank tops.


What social network do you like the most?


I have a soft spot in my heart for Facebook. All of my family is on there at this point, and it helps me stay in touch with them the easiest, which is great since I live far away from my hometown. I love the memories feature, although it does remind me how much I've grown up and sometimes that can be painful. I'm also a fan of Instagram, but that is a more recent love now that I have a phone that can actually take a half decent photo and I finally figured out how to post the photos I have on my computer with it. I know, I've finally arrived in this century.


How has working with Strawberry Social influenced you so far?


Well, the first thing I was introduced to (and fell in love with) is the dashboard that Strawberry Social uses to post across networks. Even though I'm working more now than ever before, I also have more free time thanks to that handy tool! Erin is also a top-notch professional, and is so eloquent with customer service, so I know I'll be learning a lot when it comes to just talking to people as well. 


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I can't tell you how many times I've talked to other business owners about social media and found that they're confused and conflicted on how to manage their social media accounts. They often don't know which platforms they should be using, when they should be posting, what hashtags to use, and how to find followers that will not only engage with their accounts but will convert into clients as well. If this sounds like you, it's okay! I'm here to help!!

Throughout my time in the social media marketing world, I've seen a lot of change, tried a lot of strategies, and successfully employed more strategies than I can count! Looking back on all of these, I've discovered that they can all be "boiled down" into a few key steps.

I have found that there are four keys to a successful social media strategy, which we're going to talk about today. If you follow these simple strategies, you will build a great foundation to build your business using social media networks.

1. Planning your social media strategy is essential to success! During the planning phase, you'll want to sit down and check out the different social media networks to see where your ideal clients are and what they're doing, both online and off. When you know what your ideal clients like, you'll know how to talk to them and be able to predict what they'll respond well to. Scheduling posts to go out during your downtime can help you so that you don't have to worry about it when you're busy, or even worse, forget about posting on social media altogether. The final aspect of planning is to research tools and services that can help you carry out your social media networking, such as the dashboard offered through Strawberry Social!

2. After planning, you'll want to start the implementation of your plan. You'll want to open your business accounts on the platforms of your choice to start. Using the dashboard through Strawberry Social can even help you plan out and schedule posts days, weeks, or even months ahead of time for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more!

3. Being consistent and visible are part of another key to success! I know it seems like I'm on social media all the time, but thanks to great planning and the implementation of the plan and using the dashboard through StrawberrySocial, I'm able to schedule my posts. In addition, the dashboard offers analytics for all the networks I use so that I can easily go in and see what my clients and followers are responding to and use that information to plan future posts.

4. And finally, you'll need to be engaging with your followers on social media! By responding back to their comments, you're showing your followers that you care about them and that they matter to your business! Furthermore, when you engage with your followers, they are more likely to identify with your business, make future purchases, and recommend your business to friends.

By following these four steps consistently, you'll be able to find new clients through social media and keep them around for years to come! 

In key #3, I mentioned the dashboard available at Strawberry Social. It's my biggest "Social Media Secret." If you're familiar with Hootsuite, it's kind of like that! Although I find the Strawberry Social Dashboard to be a lot more user-friendly, universal, and simply better overall! I have a bias, of course, but this dashboard lets you store photos and videos to post for later without taking up computer space, gives you awesome analytics, and helps keep me very organized!
To find out more about The Strawberry Circle Package just click on the "my Packages" tab from my homepage! 
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