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Recent blog posts



Turn the clock back to 2012…


At the time, I’d just been laid off after being a Probation Officer for 6 years. My daughter was 17 months old and I had no idea what I was going to do next, or even which direction I was going to take my life.


Since I didn’t know what to do yet, I decided to start by purging the things I didn’t need so I could sell them for the cash that I needed to stay afloat. I decided to start a Facebook Group called Treasure Valley Women’s Fashion and Accessories where local ladies could sell nice clothing, jewelry, and accessories to make some cash and get rid of things they no longer wanted. 


The group grew quickly and it was great because I was selling things, and even making a little money. It wasn’t long before I started allowing certain representatives to be “approved” to post about their network marketing businesses 1x per week. The process wasn’t terribly long or hard, but it helped ensure my group wasn’t taken over by salespeople looking to make a quick buck, and also help make sure that no one was selling anything that was harmful or trying to scam people.


It was here that I met someone that would introduce me to Younique makeup, which is safer than the typical makeup that you can buy at a drug store. It is also set up as a network marketing opportunity so that anyone could buy-in and start their own business as well. 


At first, I was hesitant because I’d always been warned about Pyramid Schemes, but after talking to the gal who sold it, I decided to go for it. It was only $99 to start and I figured I could at least use the makeup in the kit if anything. 


I spent a year as a Younique presenter and learned a lot about marketing, relationships online, and branding myself. I was known as the go-to lady for Younique within my FB group. Although I did end up stopping the business, it gave me my first little taste of being an “entrepreneur.”


I then spent about a year and a half working for a local startup company as the Executive Assistant. I learned a lot about creating company culture, social media, marketing, and the in’s and out’s of running a company. It was exciting to be a part of something new and to work with and help other businesses. 


During this time I discovered audiobooks and began listening to books like The Entrepreneur Mind and others out there focused on business and entrepreneurship. 


I have to tell you, I caught the entrepreneurial bug. But because I had a good, steady job, and didn’t know what I’d do if I started a business, I just continued working and learning as much as possible. 


Then, to my surprise, I was laid off again in June of 2015. I soon found another job working for a social media startup remotely. Again, I was laid off and then never paid for the 5 weeks of work I put in.


This to me was the last straw. I was sick of being laid off and undervalued. Although it was a hard time in my life, it gave me the push I needed to start my own business. Because of everything I’d learned over the last few years in regards to business and social media, I decided to start my own social media business to help other small businesses and entrepreneurs with their social media presence. 

My business name Strawberry Social comes from my 5-year-old daughter who LOVES strawberries! 


So there ya have it, your past can definitely help you in your future endeavors. Just because one door closes doesn't mean another won't soon open! 


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I have a confession to make that's pretty embarrassing. Before I hired my Online Business Manager, (also known as an OBM, and is similar to a Virtual Assistant), things were a hot mess around my office – there were deadlines, paperwork was everywhere, and all of my responsibilities, both online and off, were piling up. I needed help! I know my job seems super fun because I get paid to be on social media, and read about the newest networks and latest changes all the time, but it can also be very overwhelming when commitments add up, just like with any other small business.


But I have a secret weapon that helps me combat inefficiency so that I can meet my deadlines, become more organized, and I even spend more time with my family. Sounds like a dream, right?


All I did was hire an Online Business Manager! Hiring someone new, especially if this is your first ever hire in your business, can be really scary. Everyone is afraid to get a dud, and even just going through the resumes looking for someone new can be overwhelming. But, when you find the right person to take a chance on, it is worth it!


What your business can gain from a new hire:


The opportunity to teach a new hire how to be success and mentor them.


A fresh set of eyes may help you see your business in a new light.


Adding a seat at the table for your new hire will help bring your business to a new audience.


You can give your new hire all the small tasks that take a million hours away from the really important aspects of your business and get back to doing what you do best...being a boss.


You can learn how to let go, and over time, you may be able to let go some of the larger tasks too.


You will have more free time with your family, and heck, maybe you'll even be able to go on vacation soon too.




What a new hire can gain from employment:


Money. Money is a great motivating factor for almost anyone.


An opportunity to learn and develop new skills and be mentored by someone that is already successful in their career field.


Experience in their career field, which looks great on the resume.


The ability to network with new people in their career field.


Where to find an Online Business Manager or Virtual Assistant:


A great place to start looking for an Online Business Manager or Virtual Assistant is through your own network. If you know anyone that employs one, reach out to them and ask them for a referral, or even what to look for when you go to hire your own. Online networking groups that are geared towards your chosen field can also be a great place to get a referral for someone to help you. You may also have luck on LinkedIn, which would allow you to see potential hire's resumes and qualifications before you meet them or request their resume.


What to expect with your new Online Business Manager or Virtual Assistant:


Of course, you don't just hire someone and expect for everything to run smoothly right off the bat. Your OBM or VA is human, and it will take time for them to learn the way you do things. If they run their own VA or OBM business, they may also have other clients as well, so in addition to learning your way of doing things, they also may have to remember other people's way of doing things as well. Patience is key with your new hire. But, with a seat at your table, they'll be able to pitch new ideas which may help take your business to the next level.


Meet Strawberry Social's Online Business Manager: Tara Glenn


What did you do before you were hired here at Strawberry Social?


Before Strawberry Social, I was (and still am) a freelance writer and network marketer, and before I started doing that, I served in the United States Navy for five years as an Aviation Ordnanceman, which is a fancy way of saying I was a modern-day “Bomb Girl.” In the Navy I also learned photography, which I carried as a collateral duty at my commands. I also have a degree in Legal Office Administration from Cambria-Rowe Business College in Johnstown, PA.


Describe your dream job.


I would have to say that writing full-time would be living the dream, and in a way, I get to do that here at Strawberry Social. I get to be the voice for many different people and businesses, and to see it all come together and work is just so inspiring.


Why do you love working at Strawberry Social?


I love that my ideas and skills are respected, and that my time as a person is also respected. Erin, the owner of Strawberry Social, doesn't just see me as her Online Business Manager, but also as an equal. I can also do my job from anywhere in the world and since my husband is also in the Navy, I don't have to worry about looking for a new job at every duty station ever again.


Who is your favorite blogger?


I would have to say that Megan McLemore from is my favorite blogger right now. She writes about the trials and tribulations her family has faced and about the things her family has gone through with their sons' Autism diagnoses. I am inspired by the way that she lives her life and shares so much of herself and her heart with others.


What do you do in your free time?


In my free time, I'm spending it with my family, running a hot bath, or working out. I'm also a big fan of frozen mochas in the summertime, as well as reading self-help books.


What does your closet look like?


Ha, my closet! Well, it's full of leggings, yoga pants, and funny tee shirts for when I work out. I also love sundresses because I hate wearing real pants, and they make you look classy in a pinch. If I have to wear jeans, I try to find broken in ones at the thrift store and I like to pair them with dressy tank tops.


What social network do you like the most?


I have a soft spot in my heart for Facebook. All of my family is on there at this point, and it helps me stay in touch with them the easiest, which is great since I live far away from my hometown. I love the memories feature, although it does remind me how much I've grown up and sometimes that can be painful. I'm also a fan of Instagram, but that is a more recent love now that I have a phone that can actually take a half decent photo and I finally figured out how to post the photos I have on my computer with it. I know, I've finally arrived in this century.


How has working with Strawberry Social influenced you so far?


Well, the first thing I was introduced to (and fell in love with) is the dashboard that Strawberry Social uses to post across networks. Even though I'm working more now than ever before, I also have more free time thanks to that handy tool! Erin is also a top-notch professional, and is so eloquent with customer service, so I know I'll be learning a lot when it comes to just talking to people as well. 


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I can't tell you how many times I've talked to other business owners about social media and found that they're confused and conflicted on how to manage their social media accounts. They often don't know which platforms they should be using, when they should be posting, what hashtags to use, and how to find followers that will not only engage with their accounts but will convert into clients as well. If this sounds like you, it's okay! I'm here to help!!

Throughout my time in the social media marketing world, I've seen a lot of change, tried a lot of strategies, and successfully employed more strategies than I can count! Looking back on all of these, I've discovered that they can all be "boiled down" into a few key steps.

I have found that there are four keys to a successful social media strategy, which we're going to talk about today. If you follow these simple strategies, you will build a great foundation to build your business using social media networks.

1. Planning your social media strategy is essential to success! During the planning phase, you'll want to sit down and check out the different social media networks to see where your ideal clients are and what they're doing, both online and off. When you know what your ideal clients like, you'll know how to talk to them and be able to predict what they'll respond well to. Scheduling posts to go out during your downtime can help you so that you don't have to worry about it when you're busy, or even worse, forget about posting on social media altogether. The final aspect of planning is to research tools and services that can help you carry out your social media networking, such as the dashboard offered through Strawberry Social!

2. After planning, you'll want to start the implementation of your plan. You'll want to open your business accounts on the platforms of your choice to start. Using the dashboard through Strawberry Social can even help you plan out and schedule posts days, weeks, or even months ahead of time for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more!

3. Being consistent and visible are part of another key to success! I know it seems like I'm on social media all the time, but thanks to great planning and the implementation of the plan and using the dashboard through StrawberrySocial, I'm able to schedule my posts. In addition, the dashboard offers analytics for all the networks I use so that I can easily go in and see what my clients and followers are responding to and use that information to plan future posts.

4. And finally, you'll need to be engaging with your followers on social media! By responding back to their comments, you're showing your followers that you care about them and that they matter to your business! Furthermore, when you engage with your followers, they are more likely to identify with your business, make future purchases, and recommend your business to friends.

By following these four steps consistently, you'll be able to find new clients through social media and keep them around for years to come! 

In key #3, I mentioned the dashboard available at Strawberry Social. It's my biggest "Social Media Secret." If you're familiar with Hootsuite, it's kind of like that! Although I find the Strawberry Social Dashboard to be a lot more user-friendly, universal, and simply better overall! I have a bias, of course, but this dashboard lets you store photos and videos to post for later without taking up computer space, gives you awesome analytics, and helps keep me very organized!
To find out more about The Strawberry Circle Package just click on the "my Packages" tab from my homepage! 
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It's an age-old debate: Facebook or LinkedIn? Okay... so it's only been around a few years, but that doesn't change the heat, or the faith people have in the platform of their choice!

Both sides have their reasons, and both sides have their success stories! Both take work, and each one requires a slightly different strategy.

We can't really ask the question "which one should I have?" because ideally, you have both! But there are pros, cons, benefits, and specialties unique to each one.
    1. Of the differences between Facebook and LinkedIn, this is the biggest: While Facebook is designed to connect everybody, LinkedIn focuses on connecting business professionals. As a business networking platform, it can be a gold mine for recruiters, job seekers, and the business community in general. Its demographic is primarily white-collar college graduates, as opposed to everybody, their kids, and their grandparents!
    2. This doesn't necessarily pose a limitation on Facebook, however. Different businesses will flourish in the business-minded demographic of LinkedIn, but others still will find the most success within the much larger, more diverse population of Facebook. For bringing people in the door of your business, Facebook may have the upper hand. But for business connections and B2B networking opportunities, LinkedIn is your place!
    3. "Likes" on Facebook translates into people who are interested in what you do! Not all of your Facebook friends may want to hear from you all the time. But the people who have liked your page sure do! Finding an audience anywhere that consistently wants to hear from you is half the battle in business! Much like Facebook friends, your LinkedIn connections may not have the same interest.
    4. Going "viral" on Facebook is a lot "easier." Promoted posts, easy resharing, and more can spread posts faster.
    5. Facebook Insights on your page can tell you valuable information about the demographics you appeal to.
    6. LinkedIn is the best place for lead generating! (Source)
    7. Facebook has groups, too, but the groups on LinkedIn are a lot more focused and will provide you with more relevant industry information.
    8. In terms of recruiting teams, searching for employees, and gathering testimonials from them and customers, LinkedIn is again the place to be.

Those may just be a handful of the differences and benefits to both LinkedIn and Facebook, but they're definitely the biggest ones that should affect your decisions. When gathering some of the finer points, I found the following sources really helpful, and there's a lot more info available if you want to learn more! (Dara CreativeAccounting Web, and The Undercover Recruiter)

So there you have it! Some of the differences between Facebook and LinkedIn. Boiled down, the best platform for you essentially depends on what you're looking for! If you're on the lookout for connections and networking opportunities, you need to be on LinkedIn. If it's reaching, studying, and grouping a demographic, chances are good that Facebook is where you should be.

You know it's good to have both, but hopefully, some of this information can help you decide where to place emphasis as you put your business forward!

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The Social Media Detox!!!



Ok, so I’m sure you have heard of a detox before because they are very popular. The definition of detox is “a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification.”


I recently listened to a Podcast of a woman who was addicted to social media. It started affecting her life and keeping her from being able to hold a job or spend time with her family. 


She had to take drastic measures to cut herself off. She blocked herself from being able to get on any social media network from her computer and she even purchased an old flip phone!


Now, I am not saying you or I are addicted, but with being an entrepreneur and owning a Social Media company I know I am probably on Social Media more than I should be, even for business! 


So, I have The Social Media Detox plan for you (and myself)! This can be used as often as you’d like. I recommend at least once a month. 




  1. Decide which day you will start the detox and for how long. Some people may need 1 day off and some may need 5 days. 
  2. Get prepared! Don’t start any type of detox without being prepared. Decide if you are going cold turkey or just limiting your time on social media. For an example let’s say you are only allowing yourself 1 hour per day on social media. Decide what is the most important use of your time and time block. Maybe you will spend 10 minutes responding to posts in your group or business page. 20 minutes in your top 3 groups doing your social networking. 30 minutes on Instagram and Pinterest and then you are done. 
  3. Get the Ad Blocker Pro Google Chrome Extension to eliminate all Ads or just the right column on Facebook. If you are like me you may have the shiny ball syndrome and get distracted rather easy. 
  4. During your Detox, I recommend only allowing yourself to use social media on 1 device so you don’t get tempted. Log out of all social media accounts on your phone and tablet. 
  5. Schedule other important things in the time you would usually spend on social media. Maybe you want to go to the gym, spa, read or listen to an audio book or nap! Whatever it is put it on your schedule so you are not twiddling your thumbs. 
  6. If you have the ability to hire someone during your Detox to answer inquiries and keep your posts flowing I think this would be worth the investment. 
  7. Get rid of other Apps on your phone you don’t use and leave the Facebook groups you don’t ever go into. 
  8. For the groups you are staying in, I suggest turning off notifications either while on the Detox or for good. Too many notifications can be a major distraction. 




I would love to hear feedback on how your experience with The Social Media Detox goes. Also, if you have any other ideas to add to my list feel free to comment. As always, feel free to share my blog if you enjoy them. Cheers, to The Social Media Detox!!!

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Instagram is a photo-sharing-based social network. Every day, about 40 million photos are shared to Instagram, which means that standing out and being worth following is essential. These tips should help you do just that!


  1. Make your photos look presentable. Nowadays, your smartphone’s camera should be good enough for taking clear pictures. Good lighting, positioning, and a steady hand can all help! Think of your Instagram like a magazine--you want everything in it to look pro and ready to print!

  2. Create a “theme” or “brand” for your Instagram. Maybe this means sticking to certain colors, or using similar fonts and designs. Having a consistent theme is hugely impressive--and will set you way ahead of competition.

  3. Keep your captions short, simple, and to the point. Unlike Twitter, Instagram doesn’t have a character limit when it comes to what you write to go along with your photo post. You can write as long of a post as you want! And sometimes that’s okay to do. As a general rule, however, keep your captions brief. Describe the photo, provide extra details, or just about anything else, just keep in mind by keeping it shorter, more people will take to the time to read more of it.

  4. Set your profile link. Instagram doesn’t allow you include links in your photo’s captions. You get one link--in your profile. This is a great place to put your website, blog, or wherever you want to send people. Changing it may not be a bad idea either--say you just released a new brand of shoe. So you set your link to go to the shoe’s purchase page. You can share a photo of someone wearing the shoe, add a quick writeup, and conclude with “Link in bio.” This will ideally send interested customers to your entire profile, clicking the link, and checking out your snazzy, dazzling shoe.

  5. Use hashtags. Hashtags can again be a great way to reach new people. These people can end up seeing your posts without having to follow you for that to happen! However, just like Twitter, it’s better to not go overboard. #New #Shoes #Chic #Fashionista #Footwear would be about as many as we’d want for our shoe’s post. Using many more than that can look spammy. But by mixing up which hashtags you use over time, you can have that wider reach, anyway.

  6. Interact! Like other people’s photos, comment and ask questions. People like to see you interacting, being real--and not an autonomous robot of an Instagram account. This tip becomes particularly powerful when it comes to customers’ photos of your business. Say someone orders our shoes, and takes an awesome picture with them. You can like their post, comment something nice, and even screenshot it to post to your own profile, thanking the original poster, and resulting in other customers realizing just how dazzling your shoes are on real people, and wanting to get a pair of their own! Maybe they’ll even want to post a picture of their own to get a shoutout from you, too! Pretty soon, you can have new customers all sharing with their followers your stunning shoes.

  7. Start a movement. When you grow a dedicated following and want to grow it, find a way to make your business or your product cool. Invite your customers to share photos of your delicious cupcakes to Instagram! Or hold a contest challenging owners of your shoes to take them to cool locations, and the coolest location and best photo win a free pair! The possibilities are endless.

  8. Don’t go overboard! Ideally, you’ll get to the point where your customers are doing the posting and sharing for you. As a general rule, one post a day is about as many as you should do. Sometimes, two or three are needed! Space them out throughout the day. Find a schedule that works for you--and also works for your audience. They may not be as interested as you are in back-to-back photos of cupcakes all day!

-Written by Oliver Dahl, Content Creator for Strawberry Social 

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Twitter is a simplistic social network that invites users to post everything from photos and polls to links and your own thoughts. The catch? You have 140 characters to do it.


Like every social network, Twitter has its own personality and culture. These tips will teach you how to fit in--and use Twitter as a powerful business tool.


  1. Before you make an account and start “tweeting” about your business, hold up! People will be interested in what you do and what you have to offer, but only posting about your own business is off-putting. Imagine sitting down with someone and all they do is talk about themselves. Doesn’t sound like a fun time, does it? The same things that would make this conversation more interesting will lead to success on the Twittersphere. Ask questions. Be interactive. Talk about things your audience will find interesting--not just about your business.

  2. #Hashtags can help you find your next customer, but… they can also scare them away. A hashtag acts as a link. When you use a hashtag, someone can click it and be taken to another page full of other tweets including the same hashtag. Think of it like an index of a book. Clicking on “#kitten” in someone’s tweet will show you other tweets that use “#kitten.” If you use #petcare in a tweet, someone searching #petcare may just find your post about it, without having to follow you. Use hashtags, but do so sparingly. Too many hashtags can be overwhelming, and makes you look desperate and/or like spam.

  3. Pin an important tweet to the top of your profile. Because it’s not a good idea to constantly post about your business, you can “pin” one of your tweets that does have a link or something about your business to the top of your profile. This ensures that it is the first tweet a new follower, or anyone visiting your profile, will see. It’s a good opportunity to make a first impression, or answer common questions.

  1. Facebook has a “share” option, Twitter allows you to “retweet.” Retweet other people’s tweets. It’s a nice gesture to the person you retweet from, could result in that person checking out your profile, and shows your audience that you’re in the know. Retweeting useful articles, funny pictures, or anything else your followers might enjoy keeps them interested. Recognize the value of other people, and share that value with your followers.

  2. Think of Twitter like a networking meeting--a room full of people searching to share their own business and find others they need. Use Twitter to make connections. Twitter isn’t really the place to sell anything. Get to know other people, share advice, find people who can use what you provide, and let them come to you after you’ve established the connection.

  3. Keep in touch with those people you connect with. If you use their product or service, shout them out! Recommend what they have. If they were valuable to you--they could be valuable to your followers, too. (And the more value your audience gets from following you, the better!) Offer referrals to those you appreciate--and they may just return the favor.

  4. Every day, Twitter talks about something new. Keep an eye on Twitter trends. From #MyLastFourWords to the State of the Union address, a topic trending on Twitter has a lot of momentum, and a lot of people checking on those hashtags. Posting about a trending topic, then, can expand your reach and grow your following as people find your tweets and like what you have to say!

  1. Start a conversation! Get to know your followers--respond to their tweets and ask them questions. Oftentimes, Direct Messages go ignored, so publicly converse with people by using the @ sign like a hashtag with their username. (Including “@Strawberysocial” in your tweet will send me a notification that you “mentioned” me. I can then return the favor and keep the conversation going.

  2. What about getting followers? Posting fun, useful, valuable content is the first step! Favoriting other tweets and following other people can often result in a reciprocated follow. When people follow you, offer them the same favor and follow them back, too!

  3. Twitter can be an incredibly helpful tool in finding interesting articles, sharing your business, meeting new people, and so much more! Like most things in life, the more you work at it, the more value you’re going to be able to get back out of it. That’s why it’s so important to stay active and be consistent. Figure out what works for you and your business. A tweet a day? Ten tweets a day? Five a week? Find a schedule and stick to it.

These are just a few helpful strategies for helping your business on Twitter. But implementing them will result in setting you so much further above any competition that doesn’t know these things. Good luck out there, and tweet on!



-Written by Oliver Dahl, Content Creator for Strawberry Social 


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As you know, social media is a MUST with almost all businesses these days. The chance of survival without a strong social media presence is slim to none! Here I outline my best tips for becoming a pro at social media. These tips can be applied to all networks. 

If you have any other tips feel free to share them with me. 

1. The most important this is to be ON social media but social media is such a general term. What I suggest is the ABC/123 rule! A is the best so you should have one MAIN network, let's say it's Facebook. You need to learn the most about your A network and make sure you have a strong presence on this network. Then B,which is average or secondary you will have 2 networks that you use regularly but are not an expert. Let's say you choose Pinterest and Instagram. You will still be educated on these platforms but might just do 1 Instagram post a day and a few pins each week.  Then for C, you may have LinkedIn, Google Plus and Twitter but maybe you only go on once a week or much less regularly.

2. Be consistent across all channels! Make sure whichever networks you use you have the same logo/images and same general description and contact information. 

3. Use images, video or even live streaming replays! Images and videos will help grow your brand and create more of an emotional connection for your fans. They really get to know you and your company much more. You can use the images/videos to share across different platforms. 

4. Use a scheduling tool to make life simpler. Whether it be Buffer, Edgar, Hootsuite or another, these tools make scheduling content so much easier!

5. Reuse content! Every time you post it doesn't have to be brand new content. You can repurpose your old content. Use blogs in your email marketing or on social media. Also, it's great to share other company's articles or blogs as long as it's in alignment with your business. Always make sure your content is relevant and has a purpose! 

6. Mix up your content. Do everything from pictures, videos, blog posts, infographics, share your knowledge, ask questions and anything else that gets engagement and your followers enjoy!

7. Use #Hashtags in your posts. Hashtags are a unique way of making your content more easily found. You can search hashtags among several different networks. Anyone who uses the specific hashtag will come up in the feed. If I search #smallbiz on Facebook I will get a list of posts from anyone who has used that hashtag. You can use hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, Google Plus, Pinterest and more!

8. Be consistent! This is so important because this is how you will grow your following and gain the trust of your followers. As mentioned in #1 you may have 6 networks you use so you have to have a plan for being consistent. You can use the scheduling tool, hire someone to help or just create a posting schedule. 

9. Interact on all networks you use. I know I mentioned being consistent with posts which is important but it is also very important to do "social networking". Treat online networking like you would in person networking. Engage with others, be part of conversations, offer tips or advice and build relationships. After becoming known as an expert in your field and creating value, you will start to earn the trust of others. 

10. Stary up to date as much as possible with things happening in the social media world. I am HUGE on education and I know it's impossible to know everything but find 1 or 2 experts and follow their Periscopes or Podcasts to "learn on the go". I like to listen in the car or when I am getting ready in the morning. 

So there are my top 10 Tips on becoming a Social Media Pro!

As always, if you need help with your social media I am here to help! Feel free to submit a question or book a discovery call under the CONTACT Me tab. 

Strawberry Gal-Erin

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My favorite platform is Facebook and the reason behind this is that Facebook is like it's own entire planet! 

One of the most important pieces of advice is to get your Facebook Business page set up and completed as soon as you start your business!


Here are my 3 best tips to get you started!!!


1. IMAGES- I can't stress this enough! Make sure you have an eye-catching cover photo that tells or shows what you do. You can add text to these and even use them as a call to action. For your profile photo you can either use your logo or a great headshot of your smiling face! Make sure it's a crisp clear picture.


2. ABOUT SECTION- Make sure you have all of your information filled out and tell the visitors about you and your business. Add your website and links to your other social media platforms.


3. WELCOME VIDEO- Do a 30 second to 1-minute welcome video where you introduce yourself, talk about your business and what you can do to solve your ideal clients problems. Make sure you "feature" this video so it stays at the top of your page!



These are the top 3 tips I would suggest you implement right away! I have a much larger checklist or if you would like a 2nd look I offer $25.00 Facebook Business Page Audits where I give you a report on your page, steps to take to improve it, and a simple growth strategy!


To get your audit just pay the $25.00 through 

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By now you have probably heard of Periscope! It’s live streaming where anyone from around the world can tune in! This is great if you have a global product or service! You can share your story, what you are passionate about, tips on a subject, stream an event and much, much more!!

To start, you will go to to sign up. If you have a Twitter account you can create your Periscope with your Twitter (Twitter owns Periscope). This way all your broadcasts will notify your Twitter following. This can be turned off however. If you don’t want them linked or you don’t have Twitter you can use your mobile number to sign up.

Make sure to learn what about the functions of Periscope before starting as well. You can have public or private scopes so make sure to learn the functions.

I could go on and on about everything I know but I want to give you my BEST TIPS on “SCOPING”!!!


Make sure your profile tells about you and or your business. You can use hashtags and emojis as well. Also have your URL with the http:// so people can go to your  website from Periscope.



  1. Start out by searching for your favorite people and following them. See what they do and soak in all the free info. You can also follow new people from around the world who intrigue you. Spend some time learning about Periscope and see what others do before you begin broadcasting.


  1. When you feel you are ready to start broadcasting make sure you have your topic or story picked. Since you won't see anyone it’s good to have an idea of what you want to talk to viewers about.


  1. Title your broadcast something related to what you will be scoping about. Use relevant hashtags and emojis too!  Emojis can make your broadcast stand out!


  1. Periscope captures a thumbnail image when you first begin your scope so make sure you focus your camera on something eye catching and not your feet or floor!! Also, make sure you have good lighting and are in a quiet atmosphere (unless filming and event or something where there is just going to be noise).

  1. Take about 30 seconds to a minute to welcome people, ask for them to share where they are from and interact with them a bit. You can also welcome the “replay viewers” since some will be seeing the replay.


  1. Keep your broadcasts on the shorter side to hold attention. I think between 10 and 15 minutes is great. If you are holding the attention of viewers then use your best judgment.


  1. You may have seen hearts flying around and this means people like what you are saying or are supporting you. When someone double taps the screen they are giving you hearts. You may want to say something during the broadcast such as “If you love this info I am sharing feel free to give me hearts or double tap the screen”. The more hearts you have the better you are ranked but go for authentic hearts and don’t worry too much about this.


  1. Ask your followers to share with their viewers. This is a great way to get more people tuning in! Ask them to swipe right for iOs and swipe up on Android.


  1. If you are using your broadcasts for business feel free to promote yourself but do it in a less salesy way. Share a lot of valuable content and then let viewers know where they can find you. Share your website or FB business page with them. You should have your URL linked to your profile so people can easily find your site.


  1. If you are using Periscope for your business and really focusing on growing your following then be consistent just like you would any other platform! Decide when you can commit to Scoping and stick to it. You can always increase your scoping but stick to a plan. You may decide to scope every M,W,F at 3:00pm. When you have a plan you can also tell your viewers this is when they can expect you!




So those are my top 10 tips for a solid Periscope foundation. There is a ton of information out there so educate yourself and relax and have fun! Remember, it can sometimes start slow so don’t get discouraged!


Make sure to create a account so you will be able to save your broadcast (only last 24 hours on Periscope) and be able to share them on your other social media platforms.

If you have any questions feel free to submit your questions on my contact form on my website:

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Nowadays social media is a part of our daily life, from work to entertainment to keeping up with old friends or checking out a business we do it all via social media. The problem is, it's too easy to forget our manners, hop online and start venting to our friends, contacts or people we don't know. There are a lot of bad habits people have picked up and I am here to tell you that even though  it's social media there is still etiquette and proper behavior. During the month of December 2016, I posted one tip a day to my Strawberry Social business page. If you didn't catch them there, here they are again!

1. Be authentic online and off. Be yourself, show your personality. 

2. Don't over post the same post. You can post in several different places but not all at the same time. 

3. Don't send mass group messages. Unless, it's for a Mastermind or something to where everyone is ok with it. 

4. Don't be overly negative on social media. 

5. Do share uplifting, valuable, engaging and relevant content. 

6. Don't ever say anything online that you will later regret. 

7. Ignore negative posts and don't get sucked in. 

8. Respond politely to all negative feedback and reviews you get. It's all in how you handle it. 

9. Don't post anything distasteful that will reflect poorly on your business. 

10. Don't vent your personal issues on social media. 

11. Be consistent in your voice throughout all social media. 

12. Don't tag unflattering pictures of others. It is best to ask them if you can post or cut them out. 

13. Don't overshare posts from others onto your page. It's great to share just don't share too many in a row. 

14. Don't automatically add people to your group after becoming a friend or connection. Ask if they would like to be added. 

15. Always think before you hit send!

16. Don't join every group, join only those you find value in. 

17. Don't do too many status updates. 3-4 per day is good. 

18. Don't post anything negative about an employer. 

19. Don't act desperate on social media, this is a huge turn off to most people. 

20. Don't post about other people's personal lives or struggles. 

21. Always proof read and spell check posts!

22. Don't use too many hashtags. This can appear spammy. 3-4 at most. 

23. Don't be vague on social media. If you don't want to share something don't share it but leaving people to guess and then not sharing is very annoying. 

24. Don't react too quickly to anything. Think before you react. 

25. Respect group rules on all social media platforms. 

26. Don't post too many times back to back. 

27. Respect people's time when  IM or DM. Don't expect an immediate response. 

28. Don't be pushy with sales online. 

29. Never be a bully, troll or harass anyone online.

30. Don't post too much info (TMI). No one wants to know you have toenail fungus! 


So there you have it! My 30 social media etiquette tips. If you have any more that I didn't include then I would be happy to hear them!


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I want to share a little about my “DAY OFF OF SOCIAL MEDIA”. I decided to take Sunday off completely from ALL social media! No Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or anything else. I did this because I was feeling like my life was intertwined with social media. Being that I work in the social media sphere you can imagine how often I am on it! I wanted to gain back control of my life and not feel like I needed to check my phone every 3 minutes (literally).


I’ve got to tell you, I had an AMAZING day! I got up and made homemade oatmeal and scrambled eggs, visited with my aunt who came over for tea, went to the gym and then came home and did a little cleaning and then took a nice long shower. After I got ready for the day my mom picked me up and we went shopping for a new couch. I never felt that impulse of having to check my notifications and didn't hear the little DING all day long. Then in the evening I went out for a nice dinner with my husband’s side of the family!


The entire day I felt FREE, I was not tied down to feeling like I had to answer IM’s immediately, respond to any comments or scroll through and see what everyone else was up to.  It was such a great day! I did this partially for my own SANITY but also to see what it would feel like to have this time where I didn’t worry about my social media. Part of my marketing (which is true), I say I will give you back 5-10 hours of free time each week.


For me personally, I would love to help others feel what I felt today. By having help with your social media, you can relax and take the time to do whatever you may need to do and not feel the pressure of always having to check your social media. Even if you don’t end up hiring me or someone else to help you I strongly recommend disconnecting from social media and other forms of communication for at least one day a week!! Do it for yourself and see what I mean :)




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It's been said that 97% of mom's on Facebook post pictures of their kids. It is something that is so easy nowadays to just snap a photo with our smart phone and as a proud mom we instantly upload it to Facebook to show our "friends". But the scary thing these days with the internet is that once it's on there you have little control. I have a very protective husband and he has never allowed pictures of my daughter online for various reasons. I used to throw an "adult tantrum" about this because I so badly wanted to share pictures of my precious baby. I now understand his philosophy much more. He tells me "you can't covet what you haven't seen". The purpose of this blog isn't to make all those mom's who have posted pics of their kids feel guilty but to educate them on the risks of sharing pictures one. Did you know that even if your page is private, when one of your friends "likes" a photo it can be found as something they "liked"? Or if you tag others who are also in the picture it will show on their timeline. You probably have no idea who are all friends of friends. School recently started and I saw so many pictures of adorable kids holding signs that said what grade, school and teacher they have this year. Think about all that info that is given out! Even if you think you know all the people on your friends list chances are you don't. Another tip you should know is that if you have your location turned on for photos people can see where it was taken. This is also very dangerous. Make sure if you want your location hidden to turn this off. When posting pictures, make sure there is no personal info in them such as your address if in front of the house, your license plate etc. Next time, before instantly posting a photo think about these few questions:

Is this something that my child would be ok with when he/she is an adult?

What information is it giving out?

Do I want everyone on my friends list to see this?

Do I want this photo available for anyone to save? 

Chances are, after thinking this through you may decide to send the picture to certain friends/family rather than posting it. 

Think about all the horror stories we hear these days about stalking or kidnapping, it's alarming. With the internet and social media it is so much easier for these predators to find victims. I encourage all moms to "Think before you post" and check your privacy settings. Your child is your first priority! 






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I've decided to start blogging about my personal experiences of being an entrepreneur and starting a business. I have made this my fulltime job and have been dedicating many hours each day to Strawberry Social. My husband calls me a "fart in a skillet" because I bounce all over the place from thing to thing. He is trying to teach me to focus on 2 main goals each day. Sometimes this really drives me nuts because I like to bounce all around from phone to facebook to email to Google etc. He tells me to turn off Facebook, not check my email, put my phones in the other room. Although this is like torture to me I have been doing it and have realized that I can actually get more accomplished. I am sure more new business owners feel lost at times and lately that is how I have been feeling. I know this is what I want to do but I have so many ideas and thoughts going through my head that I almost feel like I am moving in slow motion. With my husbands constant reminders and holding me accountable I have started to find the path and come out of the new business owner fog. Today I worked on my website and the payment process. The website always needs improvement because I am a perfectionist but I am very grateful to have a nerd as a husband. He and his team built my site and plugged in this amazing blog so now I am able to share my experiences with you! Aren't you lucky??? Stay tuned for more!  

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If you run a website for your small business, you may be wondering how to boost your SEO/search engine ranking. It’s widely known that most potential clients don’t tend to search past the first page of Google when they are searching for a service or product. So, for instance: if you are a small business owner selling handmade baby blankets, you can anticipate that many potential clients might find you/your website by searching ‘baby blankets’ in Google. Unfortunately, with a new website, when they search for ‘baby blankets,’ your website might not display until the tenth page, and it’s very unlikely customers will click that far. Improving your search engine ranking takes a lot of time and patience and can involve many complicated algorithms.

 But by using social media frequently and effectively, you can actually help your search engine ranking. SEO and social media are tightly interconnected and directly influence each other. So if you utilize Strawberry Social for your social media marketing, we can help to make you more visible on social media and also more visible in Google search results. There are a few different ways in which social media boosts your SEO.


 If you grow your number of followers on social media, this will be seen and rewarded by Google because Google can see this and will gradually push you up to the top of its search results. But be careful when growing your followers, as Google can detect the quality of your followers. Some people may purchase proxy Twitter followers to boost the number of their followers but this has an adverse effect as Google will penalize you for such tactics. But there are easy ways to grow your follower count organically and at Strawberry Social we can help you by posting interesting and helpful articles. Additionally, you will want to ask open-ended questions, enable various points of discussion, and follow up with customers by answering their questions or responding to their replies. By interacting with customers, this builds up a positive reputation with clients and makes more and more potential clients eager to interact with you, thus increasing your follower count.


 Social media also boosts SEO because of external, high-quality links to your website and content. At Strawberry Social, we will post links to your content and increase your website traffic. In conjunction with high quality content, this will all be seen favorably by Google and boost your rankings in the search results. Using effective hashtags as well will make your links easy to find/search for, and continue to increase website traffic.


 Another way that social media helps with your SEO is through sharable content. When you post to social media or post to your blog, you have options for making posts private or even adding links and plugins so that customers/visitors can easily link back to you on social media. The more people linking to you, the more likely you are to grow your follower count and climb higher in the search results. 



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As a small business, you have so much to think about as you start out and begin to grow your client base. There are lots of upfront expenses to consider, including any equipment you need (new computer, printer, fax line, etc., office space, paying employees, funding the development of your eye-catching website, and marketing. But did you know that marketing could actually be one of the ways to cut costs rather than spending more than you are comfortable with right now? Marketing is an absolute necessity to get the word out about your business, but if you utilize social media marketing with Strawberry Social, we can help you save so much money. And with the money you’re not spending with exorbitant marketing costs, you can hire additional employees, buy more software and equipment, and put extra into savings for months when sales might be slower or stagnant.

 Social media marketing saves you money in a variety of ways. You do not need to fund the expense of printing lots of posters, flyers, business cards, and advertising in the newspaper or online magazines. Instead, you advertise on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social media sites, and you can advertise as frequently as you want. You can purchase paid ads through each of these sites that specifically target the customers you want so you can funnel extra money more effectively. The great thing, if you choose to purchase ads on Facebook, for instance, is that you can set a total maximum budget you do not want to exceed, and you can check to see how effective the ads are, how many clicks you receive. With Strawberry Social, we help to frequently broadcast your business with links and information about your company multiple times per week.

 Connecting with clients on social media (by replying to tweets, Facebook replies, etc.) can also help to save you money. Not only are you marketing yourself but you don’t have the expense of extensive customer service platforms. In many cases you can respond to customer concerns solely through social media rather than having a ticketing system. As your business grows, you will likely need to pay more money to assist additional customers but in the early days of your business, social media is such a great way to save money.

 If you have a website and blog, you can also help to market yourself through your blog and possible affiliate programs. You link to your social media accounts on your blog and website and clients can easily connect with you in a variety of ways. Another effective social media tool can include an email newsletter. An email newsletter is a great way to connect with clients frequently and you can also advertise your social media accounts through the newsletter, driving even more traffic to your business.

 When customers see you engaging with other customers on your social media accounts, this generates a positive view of your business. They can see how you interact, how quickly you respond to clients, and the type of posts you make. So just interacting and being active on social media can attract additional clients to your business!


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If you own a small business, you are no doubt aware of the importance of marketing. Since you are just starting out, no one knows who you are, what you offer, how you can help or enrich their lives, and how you stand out from the crowd. Marketing is your chance to make sure everyone knows you have a great product/service and are committed to always delivering impeccable customer service. When you think of marketing, though, your first thought might be advertising in the newspaper, passing out flyers to local businesses, and attending networking events at the local chamber of commerce. While none of these marketing ideas are wrong, some of them are far less effective than they once were (thanks to the advent of technology and the digital age), and can cost you money that would be better spent elsewhere.

 So what is one of the best ways to market your small business? Social media.

 Almost everyone is online these days and social media makes it so much easier and faster to spread the word about your business while also cutting down on expenses. Posting to social media is absolutely free, but there are necessary tools to use that will increase your social media presence, and this is where we come in. We monitor your social media accounts and help to generate more buzz about your business. Social media is so vital because by using it, you can connect with potential clients from all around the world. As well, with the right kind of viral social media, you can compete with others in your industry so easily, even bigger name businesses. Social media helps to generate excitement about your brand and the services you offer and best of all, social media makes it so much easier to interact with clients. Your customers will appreciate the chance to connect with you and will be more apt to do business with you.

 At Strawberry Social, we work hard to ensure your success by making your business prolific in social media. The key to successful social media marketing is the frequency of posting, which is why we post on your social media accounts everyday so your clients see that you are active and engaged and they know they can interact with you. We make 1 or 2 social media posts to 4 social media networks (examples include: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc.) and we save you money since you don’t need to worry about hiring a social media account manager. The cost per month is $75-$150, so you know how much to allot from your budget each month versus the unknown expense of an hourly employee. With Strawberry Social, we will increase your brand awareness exponentially thanks to the frequency of social media posting. Best of all, we also help to increase the amount of traffic to your website by posting links to your website and information about your company to your social media accounts several times per week.



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