About Me


About Me:

Hi, my name is Erin and I am the Founder of Strawberry Social. I believe in creating and designing a life and business of my own and something I really enjoy is to help others. I have been drawn to social media since I was in college (approx 2005) and have continued over the years to learn as much as I can. My college degree is in Criminal Justice and I was drawn to this because I wanted to help make a difference in people’s lives. I worked as a Probation Officer for 5 years but realized it was not my passion. I enjoyed helping people but I dealt with a lot of negativity and it was not a healthy environment. Since then, I have also worked as a recruiter, executive assistant, manager and worked in the social media space.

I do everything from Facebook Management, Facebook Biz Page Audits, your daily postings to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus. Facebook Ads, Social Media Coaching and Consulting, Periscope training and more! I also can provide you with monthly analytical reports that show you demographics and much more!


Why Pick Strawberry Social?

I’ve have been making entrepreneur’s lives easier with customized social media solutions. I learn about your business to ensure that the content is specifically designed for your target audience. Working with small business owners is a passion for me and I truly love being a part of their success. Let me help you grow your business and have a great time doing it!


Nice things said from my clients....aka Testimonials

"Strawberry Social has allowed me a far greater reach on social media than I could ever have done on my own. It allows me the time to build relationships and grow my business in other ways that I feel more personally adept. I just booked my highest speaking gig ever and I must give Strawberry Social much credit for getting my name out there in big, influential ways."

-Celeste Holbrook Ph.D.


"I am beyond thrilled with the social media planning and execution that Erin and Strawberry Social run for one of my companies. Running multiple businesses is a big task, but handing off a chunk of my energy and time to Erin for social media has made a huge impact on my ability to work in my business and the income-producing activities that only I can do! Erin learned my style and voice very quickly, and I feel like she’s part of my team!"

-Heather, Coach


"The Facebook Business Page audit by Erin was just what I needed for my new coaching business. Erin told me what I was doing well with my page and provided numerous tactics for getting more page likes that I never would have thought of on my own. Thank you for giving me new clarity and insight for my business page growth!"

-Alison, Coach


"Social Strawberry has been helping me for two-months nows. My presence on social media has more than doubled with no effort on my part. I sit back and get likes and comments on posts I have never seen. They take all the work out of being relevant on social media. I can't do it without them, best money I ever spent. If the computer and social media isn't your thing, I urge you to get in touch with Strawberry Social."

-Tim, Business Owner


"As a new startup we knew it was important to have a strong social media presence. We quickly found that trying to manage it ourselves was taking up more time than we had anticipated. Strawberry Social allows us to focus on our business while maintaining a consistent social media presence. In the first couple weeks we converted a business who “saw us on Facebook” to a new client! It has already paid for itself and we highly recommend giving them a try, you won’t be disappointed."

-Adam, business owner


"We had a great weekend of registrations. To date we are running 25% ahead of last year as of this date. This is a big week leading up to our final price increase before race day. If you have not noticed, and if you haven't it means you don't exist in social media, we have been working with Strawberry Social to manage our social media programming. It's been a tremendous success. If your business has not already like'd our Vertical Endurance FB page and the Turkey Day event page please do, this will allow your customers to see the great posts Erin is putting up for Turkey Day."

-Keith, Vertical Endurance


"If you don't have something in place for 2016 to tackle your social media arena, then you need to sign up today, now and don't wait! In one week, Erin has reviewed my medias (FB, personal and business, website, Linkedin, Google and suggested I start a Twitter account soon) diagnosed my media, setup my six-week schedule, gave me some Dashboard training, created daily content posts to get me started, coached me thru my book launch posts, been available to answer any question, reviews my new posts before they go out and has been extremely encouraging. Are you ready to take that next step and invest in yourself?? I Did and now have a plan for 2016!! Don't miss out on this opportunity."

-Janet Ravenscraft, Author


"I highly recommend working with Erin! The month of December we had had an increased number of medical appointments and I needed help with my online visibility. She made it effortless and knew exactly what was needed. She double my Twitter following and increased my lacking presence on LinkedIn. Then for my Facebook like page as well as my group page she stepped in when I was needing to be missing. Thank you, Erin for keeping me from being MIA on my page and group while posting amazing content creating engagement! I can't imagine December without her!"

-Chris McCombs Laible, Business Coach


"Quick shout out. If you own a business, you MUST hire Erin Thompson to review your Facebook Business page. For under 30 dollars, she gives an expert level review, ties your groups, page, and business website together, and gives you high-value suggestions to accelerate your value and social presence. Thanks Erin for such great work."

-Dr.Robert Garcia